Jazz Hafta Call Package

Jazz Hafta Call Package

Hey there, fellow chatterbox! Ever felt the need for a fuss-free, talk-all-you-want kind of deal? Welcome to the world of Jazz Hafta Call Package. Here, your chitchats can go on without watching the clock. This package unlocks the gateway to a week filled with endless conversations. You won’t need to worry about call minutes. Let’s dive into the easy-breezy realm of Jazz Hafta Call Package. Your words flow, and your phone bill stays calm!

Understanding Jazz Hafta Call Packages

Users can avail Jazz Hafta Call Packages. It provide an affordable and flexible solution for weekly communication. These packages include a set number of minutes. It allows subscribers to make calls within the Jazz network. This way, they can stay connected without spending much. You may be interested in this also: Jazz Weekly Bundle

Are you a Jazz user? Are you looking for a cost-effective and convenient way to stay connected with loved ones? Look no further! Jazz offers an array of Hafta Call Packages. We tailor them to meet your communication needs. In this detailed guide, we will walk you through the ins and outs of Jazz Hafta Call Packages. We’ll provide you with all the essential information you need.

Jazz Hafta Call Package

Here’s a comprehensive table detailing the top 10 Jazz Hafta Call Packages. It including subscription details, minutes, and prices in Pakistani Rupees:

Package NameSubscription CodeMinutes IncludedPrice (PKR)
Haftawar Offer 1*407#50075
Weekly Super Duper*770#1500210
Haftawar All-Rounder*747#700120
Weekly Mega*159#5000230
Jazz Hafta Plus*406#1000100
Weekly Hybrid*407#1000115
Jazz Weekly Gold*777#1500210
Haftawar Load*407#1000120
Weekly Voice*211#7075
Weekly Super Plus*505#5000240


How do I subscribe to Jazz Hafta Call Packages?

To subscribe, dial the provided subscription code for your desired package. For example, dial *407# for the Haftawar Offer 1.

Can I use the minutes included in the package for all types of calls?

The minutes included in Jazz Hafta Call Packages are valid for calls within the Jazz network. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of your specific package.

How can I check the remaining minutes in my Jazz Hafta Call Package?

You can check your remaining minutes by dialing *110#. Follow the on-screen instructions.

What happens if I finish my minutes before the week ends?

If you exhaust your allocated minutes before the week ends, you can still make calls. Yet, standard charges will apply. It’s advisable to watch your usage to avoid extra costs.


Jazz Hafta Call Packages offer a convenient way to stay connected all week. Jazz offers a variety of options to cater to different communication needs. This ensures that you can find the perfect package for your requirements. Remember to choose the package that fits your usage patterns. Enjoy seamless communication without breaking the bank.

Stay connected, stay affordable with Jazz Hafta Call Packages! In conclusion, Jazz Hafta Call Packages are like your weekly communication superheroes. They help you talk with your friends and family without worrying about high costs. Different packages offer various minutes. You can choose the one that fits your talking style. Remember to pick, stay connected, and enjoy chatting throughout the week. Jazz Hafta Call Packages are here to make your weekly talks easy!

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