Jazz Weekly Internet Bundle

Jazz Weekly Internet Bundle

Step into the world of seamless connectivity and rhythmize your online experience with Jazz Weekly Internet Bundle. Elevate your digital groove as we bring you a harmonious blend of high-speed internet, allowing you to stay connected, entertained, and informed throughout the week. Whether you’re streaming your favorite jazz tunes, staying updated on the latest trends, or simply navigating the digital jazzscape, our weekly internet bundles ensure you’re always in sync with the pulse of the online world.

Dive into the jazz of connectivity and let the notes of fast and reliable internet carry you through a week filled with endless possibilities. Jazz up your online journey with our weekly internet bundles and let the rhythm of connectivity play on!

Jazz Weekly Internet Bundle

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Jazz packagesOn-net minutesOff-net minutesSMSMBsvaliditypricesubscription code
Jazz new SIM offer1000100010007 DaysRs.0*191#
Jazz n4G SIM offer500   –50050007 DaysRs.0*443*30#
Weekly bundle recursive   –   –1500257 DaysRs.17.93*507#
Weekly SMS package   –   –1500257 DaysRs.30
Weekly whatsapp package1500257 DaysRs.30*407#
Super SIM offer6003060060007 DaysRs.60*476#
Free music bundle (weekly)   –   –   –3507 DaysRs.90*502*2*1#
Weekly voice offer1000   –   –   –7 DaysRs.100*211#
Sargodha weekly offer2000   –200020007 DaysRs.130
Jazz Punjab haftawar offer   –605000100007 DaysRs.119*307#
Haftawar all rounder packages(selected cities only)100050100010007 DaysRs.120*747#
Weekly Extreme offer   –   –   –500007 DaysRs.130*117*1#
Work from the home bundleUnlimited   –   –120007 DaysRs.135*117*14#
Weekly hybrid100060100010007 DaysRs.173
Weekly and social   –   –   –50007 DaysRs.234
Weekly all network packages100090100030007 DaysRs.210*700#
Weekly social plus5002550080007 DaysRs.215*668#
Weekly premium 4G,3G packages   –50   –40007 DaysRs.230*117*47#
Weekly mega offer50001005000100007 DaysRs.304*159#
Weekly super duper offer50001005000100007 DaysRs.304*770#
Jazz weekly super plus offer50001205000100007 DaysRs.345
Jazz weekly mega plus offer6000506000300007 DaysRs.369*453#
Jazz weekly super Max60001506000300007 DaysRs.430
Weekly freedom10001000500007 DaysRs.430

FAQs For Jazz Weekly Internet Bundle

What is the 7 days Jazz package weekly?

The 7 days Jazz package weekly offers a week-long high-speed internet experience.

What is the code for Jazz net weekly PKG?

The code for Jazz net weekly PKG can vary, check with your service provider for the latest code.

What is the Jazz weekly internet package for 200 rupees?

Jazz offers a weekly internet package for 200 rupees, providing affordable connectivity.

What is 30 GB data weekly Jazz?

The Jazz weekly internet package with 30 GB data is designed to keep you connected throughout the week.


In conclusion, Jazz Weekly Internet Bundles are your ticket to a week filled with uninterrupted connectivity and a symphony of digital experiences. We’ve orchestrated these bundles to cater to your diverse online needs, ensuring that you can browse, stream, and connect with ease. With Jazz, you’re not just getting internet access; you’re gaining entry to a world where the rhythm of connectivity never misses a beat.

Stay in the loop, groove to your favorite tunes, and let the waves of high-speed internet carry you through the week. Jazz Weekly Internet Bundles — because in the digital age, staying in tune has never been more essential. Embrace the harmony of connectivity, and let Jazz be your guide in this melodious journey through the online universe.

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