Jazz Day Internet Package

In the fast digital era, reliable and cheap internet is essential. Jazz is a top telecommunication network. It offers a range of internet packages, including the Jazz Day Internet Package. This guide covers Jazz Day Internet Packages. It explores the sign-up process, prices, data limits, and more. Let’s embark on a journey to discover how Jazz keeps you connected every day.

Understanding Jazz Day Internet Packages:

We designed Jazz Day Internet Packages to offer users seamless internet for a day. And we have done so at low rates. You might need to stay connected for work, fun, or socializing. These packages offer a convenient solution. We tailor them to meet your daily data needs. You may be interested in this also: Jazz Net Packages

Jazz Day Internet Package

PackageDataActivation CodePrice
Daily Super150 MB +(1440 Jazz Mins50 SMS)*212#Rs.17
Daily Mega1 GB*117*4#Rs.27
Daily Super Plus500 MB DATA +(500 Jazz Mins5 Other Network Mins500 SMS)*558#Rs.28
Daily Day Bundle20 MB +(300 Jazz Mins300 SMS)*340#Rs.14

Subscription Process:

Subscribing to a Jazz Day Internet Package is a hassle-free process. follow these steps:

  • Dial Code: Dial the specific subscription code associated with the Jaz Package.
  • Confirmation SMS: After dialing the code. You’ll get a confirmation SMS. It will tell you that your chosen package is now active.
  • Start Browsing: Once activated, you can start enjoying high-speed internet immediately.


How can I subscribe to a Jazz Day Internet Package?

Dial the code for the package. It is in the confirmation SMS.

Can I use the Jazz Day Internet Package for both 3G and 4G networks?

Yes, Jazz Day Internet Packages work with both 3G and 4G networks. They give you high-speed connectivity.

Is it possible to check the remaining data allowance in my Jazz Day Internet Package?

Yes, you can check your remaining data. Dial 1171*2# and follow the on-screen instructions.

Can I subscribe to many Jazz Day Internet Packages?

Yes, you can subscribe to many packages, and the data allowances will be cumulative. Each package will have its validity period.


Jazz Day Internet Packages offer a cheap way to stay connected. They are convenient too. Jazz has various packages for different data needs. They ensure that you can choose the package that suits you best. Stay connected. Browse and meet your daily internet needs with Jazz Day Internet Packages.

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