Jazz Monthly Call Package

Jazz Monthly Call Package

Dive into a world of seamless communication with Jazz Monthly Call Package, where staying connected has never been more convenient. As we mark a year of bringing people together through crystal-clear conversations, we are thrilled to present a range of monthly call packages tailored to meet your communication needs. With Jazz, experience the freedom to connect with your loved ones, colleagues, and friends without worrying about the clock. 

Our monthly call packages are crafted to offer you affordable and flexible options, ensuring you have the power to stay in touch, share laughter, and celebrate connections. Join us in commemorating a year of keeping conversations alive, and let Jazz be your trusted companion in the journey of endless connections. Here’s to a year of meaningful conversations and many more months of staying effortlessly connected!

Jazz Monthly Call Package

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NetworkPackage NameFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSFree MBsValidityPrice
Jazz Internet PackagesJazz Mahana Bachat Offer300501000600030 DaysRs.250
Jazz Internet PackagesJazz Monthly Social Plus300503001000030 DaysRs.275
Jazz Internet PackagesJazz Karachi Mahana Offer500015050001000030 DaysRs.521
Jazz Internet PackagesJazz Super Mahana Offer500015050001000030 DaysRs.521
Jazz Internet PackagesJazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle300030030001000030 DaysRs.868
Jazz Internet PackagesJazz Monthly Super Duper300030030001000030 DaysRs.868
Jazz Internet PackagesJazz Monthly Premium Plus Package300050030002000030 DaysRs.1085
Jazz Internet PackagesJazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer300050030004000030 DaysRs.1260
Jazz Internet PackagesJazz Monthly Max300050030004000030 DaysRs.1260
Jazz Internet PackagesJazz Monthly Freedom2000200010000030 DaysRs.1564


What is the monthly jazz call package?

A Jazz Monthly Call Package allows unlimited calling for a fixed monthly fee.

What is * 614 in jazz package detail?

*614 in Jazz package detail is a USSD code to check your remaining balance, package details, and more.

What is the 30 GB Jazz package?

The 30 GB Jazz package provides 30 gigabytes of data for internet usage.

What is the 200 RS package in jazz?

The 200 RS Jazz package offers various services, such as calls, SMS, and data, within the allocated budget.


In conclusion, Jazz Monthly Call Packages not only redefine the essence of seamless communication but also offer a tailored and affordable solution to stay connected with your loved ones. With unlimited calling options and flexibility, Jazz ensures that you experience uninterrupted conversations, creating a harmonious blend of convenience and connectivity. Choose Jazz Monthly Call Packages for a month-long journey of hassle-free communication, marking the beginning of many more months filled with meaningful connections and uninterrupted conversations.

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